Michael A. Moon

Michael A. Moon

Founder & Director
Clamor caedes! Et sit lapsu Canis Belli
— William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene 1

Michael Moon is the Founder & Director of MOON GENSEY LPC. He has a B.A. (Hons.) from Laurentian University; a LL.B. from Queen’s Law – where he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Queen’s Law Journal and a TA to many professors. He subsequently received a LL.M. from Osgoode Hall. He has been interviewed frequently for news and magazine stories; and has been published in a peer reviewed law journal.

He has carried out wildly popular Continuing Professional Development programmes with the Peel Law Association for many years – for the purpose of mentoring and assisting defence counsel to navigate the increasingly complex criminal trial process.

Mr. Moon has appeared at all level of Court in Ontario, as well as at the Supreme Court of Canada and the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench and the Alberta Court of Appeal.

After many years as a sole practitioner, developing a long-trial practice that was focussed near exclusively on homicides and other crimes against the person, he decided to build a Firm that would bring the same fierce and fearless intensity to litigation as he did.

The goal at the outset was to establish a law firm that defended those charged with criminal offences with the fiercest and most thorough defence possible. A ‘no quarter asked, no quarter given’ approach to litigation was welded into the Firm’s DNA, and is still present today. As the Firm’s Mission Statement makes clear, there is only one person in the Courtroom who matters – the Client; and nothing and no-one is immune from attack if needed to advance the client’s defence.

Along with other members of the Firm, MOON GENSEY LPC has evolved into a preeminent boutique criminal law firm in Brampton. If there is one distinguishing feature attached to the Firm, it is the willingness to engage. We do not shirk from a long, contested and even bitter fight, if that is what serves the client’s best interests.

Mr. Moon generally restricts his practice to ‘long-trial’ matters; and as a general rule, he accepts only private retainers. However. in very limited circumstances, he is still prepared to act for clients funded by Legal Aid – if the case has an issue or a fact situation that tweaks
his interest.

He has acted as Counsel on some of the lengthiest and most complex trials in recent Canadian legal history, including the ‘Bandidos’ mass murder trial in London, Ontario, and the ‘Toronto 18’ terrorist trial in Brampton, Ontario; and as well has defeated every Dangerous Offender/Long Term Offender application brought by the Crown against his clients.

At this stage of his career Mr. Moon has had carriage of approximately 60 homicide trials – with a significant success rate – including some clients who walked out of the Prisoner’s Dock at the Preliminary Inquiry, discharged of murder. Of those who were convicted, a majority had their convictions subsequently set aside at the Court of Appeal.


  • Mr. Moon has appeared at all levels of Courts, from the Ontario Court of Justice to the Supreme Court of Canada.
  • Mr. Moon has a B.A.(Hons.) cum laude from Laurentian University with a double major in Philosophy & Political Science.
  • Mr. Moon received his LL.B. from Queen’s University Law School. While there he received, among others, the Tory Prize for Best Third Year paper for his work Outlawing the Outlaws: Importing R.I.C.O.’s Notion of ‘Criminal Enterprise’ into Canada to Combat Organized Crime. His paper was subsequently published as a peer reviewed journal and has since been cited by Judges across Canada in a number of decisions.

  • For his articles, Mr. Moon clerked at the Ontario Court (General Division), now the Superior Court of Justice. After entering practice, Mr. Moon matriculated his LL.M. as Osgoode Hall Law School prior to commencing his Firm.
  • Mr. Moon is a frequent panelist for the Peel Law Association ‘Continuing Legal Education’ seminars, and has been a contributor to a CBC Radio 1 programme relating to knowing one’s rights under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

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