Leah Gensey

Leah Gensey

“Justice will overtake fabricators of lies and false witnesses.” — Heraclitus

Leah Gensey has been with the Firm since July 2015, first as Student-in-Law, then as an Associate. Leah has always had an interest in the area of criminal law, which prompted her studies and subsequent 2012 graduation from the University of Guelph with an Honours degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. She then went on to receive her Juris Doctor degree from Queen’s University in 2015, and was called to the Bar in June 2016.
Throughout her studies at Law School, Leah furthered her interest in criminal law by focusing her course selection on criminal law courses and participating in the Queen’s University Criminal Law Club. During her years at Queen’s, she was also involved with the Correctional Law Project, where she provided legal assistance to inmates at one of the province’s penitentiaries by providing representation at disciplinary court proceedings and assisting them with their parole application process. Leah believes a criminal lawyer has a responsibility to assist those who need help navigating the criminal justice system.
Although only called to the Bar in 2016, Leah has already begun developing a strong criminal defence practice, including assisting on numerous appeal files, acting as co-counsel on homicide trials; as well as successfully conducting numerous trials, bail hearings, and sentencing hearings herself, across various jurisdictions and levels of court in the province of Ontario.
For example, she was co-counsel on a murder trial that lasted almost six months. The client was acquitted of 1st degree murder, and was found guilty only of manslaughter. He received a twenty (20) month sentence on top of time served.
As well, she tackled a complex ‘Search Warrant’ case as sole counsel on the brief. The client was charged with possession of a prohibited handgun. The Crown wanted three (3) years on a plea. After Leah had completed her written submissions challenging the Warrant, the Crown accepted a resolution of a ‘Conditional Sentence’ – that is, house arrest.
Leah is also known as the ‘Queen of Bail’ at the Firm. In ways unknown to the rest of us, she secures release into bail for clients who, before they came to us, languished in jail until their trial or until they pleaded. It is wise never to bet against Leah when it comes to a bail hearing!
Finally, as part of the ‘envelope of service’ the Firm provides to clients who come to us for criminal matters, Leah handles any family law issues which might arise as a result of the charges the client faces – whether it be separation, divorce, division of property and/or custody or access to the children.
When not bedevilling the Crowns with her legal legerdemain, some of Leah’s interests include reading; both legal and non-legal material, Classic Rock, Jiu-jitsu, and spending time with family and friends.

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Phone: 905-866-6449
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County Court Law Chambers
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Brampton, ON L6W 4L2

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